"An Enormous part
of our mature experience
cannot be expressed in words"
     Alfred North Whitehead

When I begin painting, I don't have a clear idea of what the finished work will look like, but I have a very clear idea of the aesthetic quality I am after.  I am always trying to make objects that evoke or make clear a feeling; often this feeling is a bittersweet one.

I have a love of materials… old walls, gauzes, threads, bits of metal, papers,  found objects, as well as detritus of all kinds. I frequently make use of the inherent qualities of these materials to add layers of meaning to a particular piece.

I usually work within a set of self-imposed rules when I begin a new series.  By doing so, I’m limiting my choices which, paradoxically, allows me greater freedom to paint intuitively.  However, as the work takes on a life of its own, the rules are sometimes broken as I respond to the emerging painting.

As with most visual artists, my artwork itself is the clearest statement of what I am about.